General information:

There are 2 adrenal glands in the body (left and right), they are positioned on the top of the kidneys at the back of the abdominal cavity. Their function is the production of a variety of hormones which influence a wide range of functions in the body, this includes fluid regulation, metabolism, blood pressure maintenance as well as immune activities.

Reasons you may require surgery

Overactive production of hormones

  • Persistent hypertension resistant to medical therapy
  • Weight gain in the face and shoulders
  • Fluid retention and bloating
  • Diabetes
  • Episodic periods of anxiety, headache or unexplained blackouts

Suspicion of cancer:

  • Lesions >4cm
  • Enlarging lesion on progressive imaging
  • Abnormal or suspicious imaging features (usually on CT)


Currently the method of choice is via a laparoscopic retroperitoneal approach. This is minimally invasive surgery where the incision is hidden in the back. There is rapid recovery and minimal post operative pain. The hospital stay is usually 2 nights with 1-2 weeks off work after surgery.