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    At Sydney breast endocrine we are dedicated to providing you with the optimal surgical service via a caring and professional approach.

    GOOD NEWS FOR PATIENTS looking for Breast surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Thyroid Disease Neck Lumps and Neck Dissections and Salivary Gland Disease.

    • Do you have a large thyroid gland, a thyroid nodule, a neck lump or high calcium levels?
    • Have you already been advised that you need thyroid surgery?
    • Have you been given all the options regarding how the operation may be performed?

    Welcome to Sydney Breast Endocrine, we’re a dedicated team of four focused on providing you with the optimal surgical treatments of endocrine and breast problems via a caring and professional approach.

    This practice focuses primarily on endocrine surgery relating to thyroid, parathyroid, neck lumps, submandibular, parotid, adrenal conditions and breast surgery relating to breast cyst, breast lumps, breast fibroadenomas, breast gynaecomastia in both the the private and public hospital systems. He also performs surgery for cancer treatment and emergency surgery for patients.

    At the public and private hospitals Dr Xia performs complex procedures everyday. He endeavors to provide the most up to date and medically advanced services to his patients with optimal outcomes.

    Here is Dr Hong Xia’ accredited hospitals:

    • St George Private
    • Kareena Private
    • Hurstville Private
    • St George Public
    • Sutherland public hospitals

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